Executive Education Review

Cartooning, Editorial Design, Illustration
QANTAS Travel Insider
To develop my accounting career and keep upgrading my professional skills.
CPA certification
To be prepared for the impact of climate change on the business bottom line
Finance and the global environment, UQ Business School
I want to join a board
AICD Company Directors course (5 days full-time or equivalent)
To get a new business strategy off the ground 
IBCMaster, UTS (12 weeks), MBA Entrepreneurship
I need to get up to speed on leading and managing a global workforce
International Business Study tours to China and India (Executive MBA or General Management Course, AGSM)
I want to get more out of my career and challenge my thinking
Executive MBA, Sydney University Business School
I need to understand more about leading and see how others are doing it well
Leading for Strategic Success, Melbourne Business School
To keep my career going ahead while having a family
Women in MBA Program, MGSM
A series of illustrations I created for QANTAS Travel Insider Magazine (Issue #266). The article reviewed various local and international Executive Education courses. My illustrations were paired with the purpose behind each of these.

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