Crumpler bags for Salmon Mousse
People around Melbourne wearing Crumpler bags for Crumpler's 'Salmon Mousse' blog.
Mingela Homestead Wedding
Illustrations created for a wedding in country Victoria.
Live Drawing
Wedding at Butterland
Drawings from a wedding at Butterland, Newstead.
Live Drawing
Newport Wedding
Live drawings from a wedding at the Newport Substation.
Live Drawing
Sex Drugs Helvetica
I was invite to live draw the Sex Drugs Helvetica event in Melbourne.
Sex Drugs Helvetica
Patch People
For a real-estate marketing campaign. Illustrated characters drawn from locations in and around Melbourne's inner-north.
Studio Hi Ho
Resident Artist: Spirit of the Square
As part of the 'Spirit of the Square' program I was invited to draw live in Federation Square.
Federation Square
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