The Health Record Journey is an Australian Government Campaign I worked on with Ernst & Young. The aim is to educate and inform the public  about the new health record system in a fun and engaging way. These are some of the illustrations I created for various parts of the campaign.
You can view the full interactive journey here:
The social media campaign consisted of developing a series of simple characters and a narrative called 'Lena's Family Story'. My illustrations were paired with her story to help explain the various scenarios in which the new My Health Record system can help make things easier. You can view the full series here.
Introducing Lena's family
A placeholder graphic for My Health Record facts.
Grandpa Brian has forgotten his blood pressure medicine...
When Lena opened the newspaper...
Poor Paul, every time he’s on holidays his rheumatoid arthritis flares up! 
While Alex was playing at school he took a fall and needed stitches. 
Lena’s waters just broke! Paul, bring the car around! 
Placeholder for dropping a fact.
Baby Sophie is born!
Lena was overjoyed to hear she was able to go home with her baby Sophie.
Placeholder for myth busting!

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