Vispring London

I worked with the team at Commission Studio to create a suite of illustrations for their new product brochure for luxury mattress brand Vispring.

Concepts and Development:

Sleep Poses Illustration:

The five main sleep poses for this piece were front, back, fetus and side. In addition I thought it could be fun to extend these into categories like “other side”, “down under” and “space maximiser”. 

The following concept involved threading the sleep poses (as above) through the text..

A final approach was something of a “last supper” scene but on a bed, featuring all the sleep poses and then some... I think this could have been really fun but ultimately a little less directly informative than the concept we rolled with.
Cover / Main Illustration:

The direction was basically a person sleeping, possible moon and hare on bed to be included too. We went with the 4th concept for this one.


Mattress Tension:

This was a tricky one, showing how the mattress tension responds as the weight of the sleeper increases – I thought using the moon again here could be an elegant way to bypass having to draw a person here, whilst still getting the point across.

Split Tension within the same mattress:

With these I was trying to find a way to show how Vispring can create a split tension within the same mattress. 

With the sketches below, I needed to demonstrate that a mattress paired with a divan is several orders of magnitude more comfortable.