'Viewpoint' is a regular op-ed column in the science magazine COSMOS. It covers issues ranging from ethics and medicine to astrophysics. The contributors include Professor Laurie Zoloth, Dr. Alan Finkel, Dr.Katie Mack and Dr. Norman Swan. The articles are always varied, frequently challenging and always fun to work on.

Cosmos Magazine Issue #73: Imaginary Numbers

Cosmos Magazine Issue #80: Neutrinos

Cosmos Magazine, Issue #72. 'Self-Driving: The Ethical issues when a car takes over: ' - Dr. Laurie Zoloth.
Cosmos Magazine, Issue #71. 'Love and Loss in a time of Colliders' - Katie Mack.
Cosmos Magazine, Issue #69. 'Are We Our Cousins Keepers?' - Prof. Laurie Zoloth.

Cosmos Magazine, Issue #77. 'Getting a Grip on the Yuck-factor' - Paul Beigler.

Cosmos Magazine Issue #76: 'Saving Alien Worlds from Extremists' - Dr. Katie Mack.

Cosmos Magazine Issue #73. 'Tool making Monkeys throw a huge spanner in the works on Human Origins.

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