Creative Mornings in partnership with launched a new season of Own Your Content this year. It contained a bunch of 'creative toolkits' on various subjects like Writing a Good Email Introduction and Curating your portfolio. I've attached below my illustrations for each along with some of the concepts I provided the client. Also included were the portrait illustrations of each contributor.

Some of the articles and attached Illustrations on page - including Author Profile portraits.
Final illustration on 'How to Make a Proper Introduction for a Collaboration'.
Online preview
These are some of the directions I offered the client for this toolkit. I felt that the illustration needed to capture either the feeling of trying to stand out in a flood of generic emails, or the feeling of receiving a well thought out, considered email communication. 
Concept A
Concept B
Concept C
Concept D
Concept E
How to write your about page.
Article preview on mobile device.
Illustration for Toolkit 4, building an email newsletter list.
Giving Proper Attribution Toolkit.
Contributor portrait.
I two main ideas for this one, both referencing familiar stories.
Finished illustration for 'How to showcase your projects'.
These were some of my draft ideas for this one. I tried explore the ideas of project showcasing, or project curation.

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