Team Illustrations for the Demex Group
Demex works in the climate and tech space. These illustrations capture insightful moments at the nexus of these two worlds.
The Demex Group, Advoc8
How to Get Through a Road Trip...
...without murdering your mates! Illustrated for the Broadsheet blog.
Broadsheet Media
The Creative 'Pause'
Burnout, slob, slack or daydreamer: What we can learn from the 'not-working' types.
Arts Hub Australia
The Barefoot Investor For Families
Illustrations for the second book in the best-selling Barefoot Investor Series.
The Barefoot Investor
Perth Festival
Banner illustration for the Perth Festival Literary Event schedule. Featuring recognisable locations around Mount Lawley and Fremantle.
Perth Festival
Retail Warfare
Illustrations in Broadsheet for the 'Very Serious Business' column. Written by Patrick Boyle.
Broadsheet Media
Creative Toolkits
A library of wisdom highlighting the hurdles of owning your content and building your platform online.
Creative Mornings, Wordpress
The Barefoot Investor
I was commissioned to develop and illustrate the drawings, charts and explainers in this all-time best selling book.
The Barefoot Investor
Neutrinos... weird.
Illustrated for an article by astrophysicist Katie Mack about a mystery fourth neutrino 'flavour'.
COSMOS Magazine
'Game' for Creative Mornings
My illustration for the Global Theme 'Game' for the month of April.
Creative Mornings
Rene Thom Illustrated Biography
An illustrated biography of French mathematician Rene Thom for Cosmos Magazine
A Guide to dressing your Alfi
A light-hearted, illustrated instructional guide to fitting a cover on an Alfi chair.
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