I was invited to attend Part 3 of the Resilience Lab Series which took place as a virtual event in September 2020. My role was to create an illustration visualising the ideas and discussion which took place. 
I created individual illustrations of each speakers presentation, including some of the breakout discussions that formed alongside the talk. 
Resilience Frontiers is a foresight-driven initiative and aims at harnessing the potential of paradigm-shifting frontier technologies and emerging social trends towards long-term global resilience. The initiative responds to the deep societal transformations and maximizes our collective resilience to complex challenges including climate change beyond 2030.
Dr. Youssef Nassef, the Director of the UNFCCC Adaptation Division gave the opening and closing remarks...
Dr. Shen Xiaomeng, Director of UNU-EHS giving a keynote address...
Kacper Nosarzewski, partner at 4CF, conducting a Foresight Training exercise.
James Erlich, founder of ReGen Villages speaking about re-imagining neighbourhoods.
Dr. Lydia Kallipoliti discussing our visions of utopia.
Andrew Miccolis, Co-ordinator at the World Agroforestry Centre discussed practical examples of regenerative food production in Brazil.
Dr. Rattan Lal, Professor of Soil Science discusses regenerative agriculture and a soil centric approach.
Dr. Riyong Kim, Director of Decision Metrics and Finance at EIT Climate KIC, spoke about developing transformative financial instruments, and "long-termism".
John Fullerton, Founder and President, The Capital Institute spoke about models of regenerative capitalism.
Below are individual bite-sized 'shareables' of each speakers visualised content. Intended to be easily shared online.

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