Jeffrey Phillips is an illustrator

He starts every day by cooking a 7-minute boiled egg. After a lifetime spent eating breakfast, many egg-related debates with colleagues, and some hypothetical research, he’s confident that cooking an egg for this amount of time results in the perfect egg.

Outside of the kitchen, Jeffrey extends this precise nature to his work as an illustrator. Did you know there’s a difference between a furrowed brow and slightly raised brow? One is generally curious, the other generally skeptical. Jeffrey is both.

Originally from India, he moved to Australia when he was a young teenager. Things were different in his new home and so he decided to record them. Two decades later and he continues to draw the little things in life that mostly go unnoticed with candour and humour.

Jeffrey is currently represented in the US, UK and Australia by illustration agency Jacky Winter.  He has contributed commercial and editorial illustrations to the best-selling Barefoot Investor books, Australia's Broadsheet Magazine, Liminal Magazine and Monocle to name a few. He’s also probably drawn you while you were out eating eggs for brunch.

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