Climate Rally, New York, 2019

I wound up somewhere in the middle where I jotted down as much of what I was seeing and hearing as possible. The event was headlined by Greta Thunberg who turned up after a bunch of other speakers. 

There were a lot of great speakers and the energy in the crowd was inspiring!
In 2019 I joined the Climate March through south Manhattan during the UN Climate Summit. In addition to showing my support, I also wanted to put together a personal reportage project from the event. This is one example of this kind of work. 

There were a lot of signs and costumes all around. Some were poignant and others quite funny. Folks were very happy to pose for a photo.

Here’s a side by side, of something I had drawn that I spotted in photos I had developed a few days later.

I returned to the studio and compiled this series the same day. Later I augmented it with my own photos. I’d love to do more work like this – if you’re an events organiser, writer or journalist who’d like to collaborate on similar projects please drop me a line!

*Note: I no longer draw at private events like weddings and parties.